sendQuick is a range of SMS gateways developed by TalariaX Pte Ltd, a Singapore based company. It is used by over 1,500 corporations, some of them being Fortune 500, in 50 countries. It has been deployed across multiple industry verticals boosting business productivity and enhancing IT responsiveness. Powertec is a distributor of sendQuick gateways.

Welcome to SendQuick

sendQuick is an award-winning range of enterprise mobile messaging solutions geared towards addressing critical IT requirements to minimize disruption during network downtime and provide security and confidentiality of sensitive business data. They include IT Alerts & Notifications, Secure Remote Access via 2-Factor Authentication, Emergency & Broadcast messaging, Business Process Automation and System Availability Monitoring. These solutions deliver better mobility responsiveness, improved internal workflow, and enhanced operational effectiveness.

Companies can leverage sendQuick¡Çs multi-channel messaging capabilities to send alerts & notifications to users through SMS, Email and Instant messenger apps such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Viber, LINE, Slack, and Telegram.

  • Business Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Network Support

SMS enables businesses to communicate with their customers easily and cost effectively to improve sales..

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SMS enables businesses to provide a higher level of service to their customers, keep them up to date and build stronger relationships.

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IT support services face the challenge to provide 24x7 service to ensure continuous up-time for IT systems within a company. SMS is an effective communication tool to send alerts when systems fail.

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sendQuick is available on the following platforms:

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Appliance Cloud VM Hosting